Tank Bigsby Third Round Draft Pick for Jacksonville

May 02, 2023

Tank Bigsby

In the 2023 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars made a smart move by selecting Auburn running back Tank Bigsby in the third round. As reported by si.com, Bigsby brings a lot of potential to the Jaguars' backfield and could be a key contributor in the years ahead.

Bigsby is a talented runner who excels at making defenders miss in the open field. He has good size, strength, and speed, which makes him a tough player to bring down. Additionally, he has shown an ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, which makes him a valuable asset in the passing game.

In a recent interview with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bigsby spoke about his admiration for the team's culture, their commitment to winning, and the passion of their fan base. Bigsby's excitement about the Jaguars is a good sign for the team and its fans. It's clear that he has a lot of respect for the franchise, and his willingness to embrace the team and its fan base is a positive sign for his potential success in the NFL.

Overall, the Jaguars made a smart choice in selecting Tank Bigsby. He brings a unique skill set to the team's backfield and has the potential to become a key contributor in the years ahead. Fans have a reason to look forward to witnessing Bigsby's performance on the field and anticipate his impact on the team in the forthcoming seasons.

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